Bulwark Defense is a Veteran Owned & operated Defensive Firearms Training, & Equipment dealer based in Utah.

We're Utah boys, born and raised, and do our absolute best to promote and support our Local, and Veteran Owned companies.

Bulwark Defense is the culmination of the dreams of prior service Brothers, their Father, and a long-time Family Friend.

Bulwark was started with the goals of offering many of the products that other dealers ignore or deal very little with for civilians, such as Body Armor, Plate Carriers,

Ballistic Helmets etc, as well as providing an inviting, friendly environment to do business.

We stand behind our Veterans & Service Members, and we stand with our Law Enforcement.

This is core to who we are and what we believe and is the reason Active Duty, Guard, Reserves, Veterans, &

Law Enforcement receive a discount of up to 10% off EVERYTHING in our store, ALL THE TIME with ID.

Their jobs are hard enough as it is. They deserve our RESPECT and the GRATITUDE of every Red Blooded American!

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Are our instructors NRA certified?


Both of our instructors hold multiple NRA certifications.

Although Bulwark Defense offers many classes outside of the standard NRA curriculum, we do offer 4 different NRA certified classes that are taught exactly in accordance with NRA standards

- Basics of Pistol Shooting

- Basics of Rifle Shooting

- Self-Defense Inside The Home

- Self-Defense Outside The Home


Does Bulwark Defense offer more advanced classes than the NRA Self-Defense classes?


Bulwark Defense offers advanced courses in

- Defensive Combat Pistol

- Defensive Combat Carbine

- Long Range Precision Rifle Marksmanship

Additional, next-level instruction in Advanced Cooperative Tactics & Maneuvers in both Defensive Combat Pistol and Defensive Combat Carbine courses are offered for those that complete the prerequisite courses.


Are there any requirements to take NRA certified courses offered by Bulwark Defense?

In the Standard NRA instructional courses, there are no pre-requisites, nor exclusions.

All our NRA classes are friendly, and accommodating to all experience levels and backgrounds. No one will be talked-down to. No one will be belittled or berated for any knowledge they have or do not have.

All candidates are simply asked to come with an open mind, and a desire to learn. If you're willing to have fun in the process, all the better.


Are there requirements to take Bulwark Defense's Advanced Firearm Courses?


Anyone that wishes to attend our Advanced Firearm Training courses will have to undergo our screening process.

Bulwark Defense reserves the right to refuse this training to anyone without providing a reason for our decision. However, there are things that will disqualify any training candidate before ever starting the training;

- First and foremost, if you cannot legally buy, or be in possession of a firearm, we will not train you.

- All candidates that pass the initial background check will sit down with our screening panel. If for any reason our panel does not feel comfortable with a candidate, the candidate will not move forward with training.

- Once training has begun, any client then in training that displays unsafe, disruptive, aggressive or other behavior not conducive to a safe, productive training environment can be removed from the course at the discretion of the instructors.


Are there group discounts for training?


Get in touch with us to see what kind of deal we can do for your group.

To an extent, the larger your group, the better deal you can get. We will not exceed a limit of 3 clients per instructor, which would limit us to no more than 12 candidates per course under normal conditions.

Under special circumstances, we will bring in guest instructors (fellow Special Forces Operators and other prior service members) that we reach out to on an "as needed" basis.